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Ligna 2017: High-performance adhesives from Henkel – new developments, new applications

Henkel’s innovation engine hits full speed

Henkel has a long history as a trusted partner to the furniture industry worldwide when it comes to new products and technological advances with innovative adhesive systems. Applications for decorative surface finishes underpin the company’s leading position in this market. Henkel’s showing at the upcoming Ligna trade fair from May 22th to 26th, 2017, will spotlight a raft of product premieres in UV-curing hotmelts and PUR-based adhesives.

UV technology opens up a broad spectrum of applications, from edge sealing and flooring material finishes to high-gloss coatings.

Ultra-fast UV hotmelts for faces and edges

Fast cure and high strength are two of the features that distinguish the new Technomelt CHS 396 UV – a product that has been specifically formulated for UV edge sealing. The middle section of chipboard panels is in fact becoming more and more porous as compositions are adjusted to meet cost and weight targets. Technomelt CHS 396 UV fills gaps and seals off the coarser edge structures, instantly forming a homogeneous, machine-grindable and extremely smooth surface. This allows the use of very thin high-gloss finish foils during subsequent panel wrapping or permits the edges to be directly finished with lacquers.

In contrast, the new Technomelt CHS 392 UV has been designed for finishing modern flooring systems. Here, in particular, maximum throughput during manufacturing has an especially positive effect on profitability. The high cure speed of this UV-curing hotmelt is paired with a strength that meets the demanding requirements of abrasion class AC5.

“Fusion Coating” is the name of a process at Henkel for coating a variety of melamine faced panels. The method scores points with its fast cure and the absence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The adhesives cure almost “at the speed of light” thanks to the action of photoinitiators. At Ligna, this ultra-fast UV technology will be presented jointly with Henkel’s cooperation partner Cefla at the neighboring booth, Stand F45 in Hall 17.

More than twenty years of expertise in PUR adhesives

PUR adhesives are another area where Henkel will be presenting major product innovations at Ligna. One example of these is Technomelt PUR 270/5. This new adhesive solution enables throughput speeds well in excess of 50 m/min in furniture-making production lines and machines. Technomelt PUR 270/5 makes optimal use of the very short time window for application of the adhesive and bonding – which it does without stringing, for very clean results that are just perfect for downstream processing. High-speed sequences demonstrating the use of this high-preformance adhesive will be shown at Henkel’s Ligna stand.

A further newcomer in the growth market of polyurethane adhesives is Technomelt PUR 6230. Compatible with many different materials, this versatile adhesive for profile wrapping provides high cost-effectiveness in high-volume production. Technomelt PUR 6230 also excels through its exceptionally high bond strength and excellent resistance to heat and moisture.

Henkel is writing another chapter in the success story of its Micro-Emission (ME) adhesives. As a pioneer in ultra low-emission PUR adhesives that can be marketed as label-free products, the company has expanded its technology lead in all applications for decorative surface finishing – while further raising awareness in the market regarding health and safety issues.

Reactec continues to gain ground

Another topic at Ligna – and by no means the least – is Reactec, the technology Henkel developed in collaboration with its partners Homag and Nordson for formaldehyde-free flat lamination of wood-based materials with decorative papers and PP finish foils. Over the past years, Henkel has succeeded in significantly extending the market presence of this process. The initial focus was the substitution of water-based dispersions and 2C urea resins. Providing better surface quality and higher productivity, this process is now enjoying growing demand worldwide.

Visitors to Ligna will find samples at Henkel’s stand C21 in Hall 17 and stand G65 in Hall 15, where they can check out how these solutions look and feel. There is of course a standing invitation to users and customers to put the processes and adhesives through their paces at Henkel’s own technology center HTC in Bopfingen, Germany. The Reactec test facility can be run with either decorative papers (adhesive Technomelt CHS 700) or with PP finish foils (Technomelt CHS 710). The “Fusion Coating” technology can also be experienced there on dedicated test equipment that was recently put into operation in the HTC.

And finally, all visitors to the trade fair are welcome to take the opportunity of discussing with an adhesives manufacturer the possibilities of Industry 4.0 – one of the major topics at Ligna. Henkel looks forward to this dialogue and to presenting its own ideas and approaches, with examples from its own manufacturing operations. At the same time, this trade fair offers a unique occasion to find out more about the current and future requirements of Henkel’s partners in the industry.

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High-gloss lamination with the “Fusion Coating” process

Perfect edges thanks to edge sealing with UV technology

More than twenty years of expertise in PUR adhesives

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